Monday, April 04, 2011

C is for Character (istics)

character |ˈkariktər|nounthe mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual runningaway was not in keeping with her character.• the distinctive nature of something gas lamps give the area its character.• the quality of being individual, typically in an interesting or unusual way the island is full of character. 

Personality is a rather fixed set of characteristics and traits. Some inherited others well, not so much. Sometimes, I feel as if I'm dramatizing my natural characteristics to fulfill certain personas. And there have been times when I have been described as "being a character".

But what characteristics compose my disposition?

Stubbornly adamant, slightly obsessive, passionately slothish, romantically motivated, sleepily hyper, shyly silly, whimsically catlike, cunningly witty.

I think about my closest friends and my family. People I encounter in random circumstances. Everyone is a character in their own right. And I wonder, is that because I've (or we've) made them out to be? Or is it safe to say their characteristics have crafted their own character?
"CatLady",  April 2011

What defines your Character?


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