Saturday, May 07, 2011

2 years 2 many

As I've mentioned, recent weeks have been hectic. But from them came Jon's 24th birthday and our two-year anniversary. (Did you know 2 years stands for cotton or china? Or something like that)

So. For the sake of my lovely boo, I am here to commemorate these past couple of years. And cheers to many more. Instead of flowery words I just wanted to share some smiley pics. We are a pair for words with few flicks to parade our silliness.

Here's to loving to live and living to love.

Tree Love: First Weekends, NYC, June 2009
First Weekends,  NYC, June 2009
Your Mom's a Cow,  East Village, October 2009
Matching Hair Cuts: Tears of Shame, East Village, February 2010
23th Birthday, SoBe, Miami, May 2010
First Apartment Together Move-in, Sunnyside, June 2010
Ohana Portrait, Sunnyside, August 2010
 Noche Buena, Sunnyside, December 2010
Noche Buena,  Sunnyside, December 2010
Christmas Blizzard, Sunnyside, December 2010
Bar Love, Sunnyside, February 2011
Ohana, Epcot- Orlando, April 2011
Jon's 24th, Sunnyside, April 2011


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