Friday, March 11, 2011

Boxing:3, iPad:0

Exercise makes the heart grow...exasperated? The body...exhausted? Yes, I think so. After my "cardio" routine yesterday morning I decided to ask one of the trainers for some tips. This simple question led to an hour long private boxing lesson.

Last night I was pooped but nothing in comparison to what I felt this morning. All pain aside, it was really a fun experience. The trainer, Charlie, had me cracking up the entire time which led to a pretty intense ab workout in itself. Though I spent most of today unable to laugh/cough/sneeze/move anything involving mobility from my shoulders through my waist, it was worth it.

Enough so that I decided to enroll in his 8-week training program. Why?

  1. I'm obviously in pretty pathetic shape
  2. I'm a female... living in a major metropolis (self-defense)
  3. Apparently, punching things is a good anger-management program in itself (AKA no more unnecessary outbursts at Jon)

On the other hand, I've been trying to come up with rational excuses to slap down money for an iPad. I've REALLY wanted one since last year.  But every reason I come up with I can negate, which is making it less and less likely. See, I just got a new iPhone last month because my old one broke (which I LOVE- as much as one can love an inanimate, non-being object). It was a necessity- or as much of a necessity buying a smart phone can be. But the iPad?

  1. I can take it on the Europe trip instead of lugging around my laptop (but that's a 1-time stint)
  2. I can take it to class instead of writing hand-notes I don't understand later or taking my laptop ( but I'll only be in school for 2 more months hopefully)
  3. I can share it with Jon? (But Jon pretends to hate Macs and would probably "need" it on days I "need" it)
  4. I can use that as a primary computer and my laptop as a storage device (But I just inherited Jon's old external hard drive so I really don't need that either)
  5. I really WANT it (but I just splurged on this European vacation for Jon & I. And I obviously don't NEED it)
See, I'm kind of an impulsive spender and a great saver. I've been working since 16 out of both necessity and want (for my own independence). My spending habits reflect my overall dichotomous personality. But as I've matured I try to make my purchases more justifiable (see lists above). 

Decisions decisions. 


  1. Hmmm...tough one. Great call with the training program, that is a great investment. Lets see...we do have an Ipad and while I love it, it truly is a "toy." Don't get me wrong, we have the keyboard and the stylus pen to make it functional, but at the end of the is for fun! maybe you are more structured than me...

  2. @JudyNoooo, you've crushed my dreams! I've had friends tell me it's amazing (but they're musicians and actually use those aspects) and others who say it's just a larger iPhone. I guess it's one of those things that doesn't have a overall consensus..