Sunday, March 20, 2011

Do less

My last-for-now spring break is just about officially over. And what have I done?

  • Whine a lot
  • Re-injure my bad knee
  • Not go to museums or do anything where significant walking was related due to said injury
  • Sleep. A LOT.
  • Barely finish my midterm paper due tomorrow at 1 because of I'm so anxious about needing to get an A I've been paralyzed, much less the other papers needed
  • Visit the doctor to be told I need to restart physical therapy because said knee is most likely dislocated and I need the physical therapist referral to see an ortho to determine if surgery is necessary and be reprimanded for still not having my blood-work done since I'm also, most likely anemic.
  • Finished this amazing book (and now looking for recommendations!)
  • Booked a vacation to DISNEYWORLD (!!!) with credit card rewards points fo'free (seeing as how I didn't have to spend money because I accumulated them since 2005)
You'd think the lack of mobility would propel me to be some kind of productive. Far from it. Sometimes a body-mind just has to rejuvenate so I'm giving myself until this evening to whine & sulk a bit more about my lack of doing anything exciting and tomorrow I'll be back on the grind.

Here's to letting yourself just be.


  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your knee and forthcoming doctor stuff. :( But hey, Disneyworld! That's worth getting the knee in order for, yes?

    I'll add your newly-finished book to my to-read list, since you say it is amazing. And I can probably hook you up with some recommendations... what sort of read are you looking for?

  2. @Su Yes! Disney makes everything better, even if I have to hobble on crutches!

    And I hope you enjoy David Foster Wallace! When I read him I felt like he was inside my head.

    And thanks for offering recommendations...for the most part I stick to non-fictiony-life changing books (ex: omnivores dilemma, eat pray love, psychology/self-improvement, stabs at pop-culture a la bohemian manifesto) or beatnik type reads. I don't know if this makes sense. Overall I'd say I like to read things with happy endings, lol