Sunday, March 13, 2011

Grow where you are planted

Yesterday morning I had an anxiety attack. I had woken up early to do homework but come 10 am I was a mess.

It dawned on me: why had I signed up for a boxing class? Why had I agreed on something in the late afternoon/early evening when my mind is manic and I'm clearest in the early morning? What was I doing signing up for a group class when I strongly dislike anything group related, much less something I'm not great at and is equally challenging?

Hours went by trying to force some kind of rationalization. "Michelle, this will be good for you. You'll socialize and get fit. You have to overcome your anxiety." But do I really? No! I tried to cancel my registration. And I fell into a gym trap, You know, when they try to offer you anything and everything to get you to stay. The manager went as far as asking me when was the last time I had been to the doctor.

Talk about rude salespeople.


  1. A boxing class does sound kind of weird. I know what you mean about those group classes. They can be good for you, nice ways to socialize, and you can actually learn something sometimes. Once when I was 25 years old I signed up for a tap dancing class. I was a guy in flannel shirt, blue jeans, and work boots in a room full of little girls in leotards and tap shoes. Boy, talk about feeling out of place. I didn't go back to that class.

    Tossing It Out

  2. @Arlee Bird Oh no! Now you've crushed my dreams of taking up tap one day... That is kind of funny thought :)

  3. Please tell me you are kidding the manager asked you about the doctor...Any chance that the group and anxiety will get better with time? I am not a huge fan of groups either, but actually had my most fun working out when I was teaching classes.