Monday, March 21, 2011

No drizzle ma nizzle

TC corner, March 2011
NYC has a pathetic excuse for rain. In all honesty, if I was a cloud responsible for this territory I would feel lame about my raining abilities.

Because it really isn't rain, non-technically speaking. It is an annoying drizzle that lasts all day without pause. It's not the kind of rain that makes you want to go out and frolic in your bathing suit on a hot summer day but the kind that leaves your clothes muddy once the bus plows by with it's 4' sewer wave  in it's wake. It feels as if the residue from someone else's sneeze is loitering your radial being. It doesn't rain hard enough to actually open up the umbrella (which even if you did you'd still end up wet thanks to the wind's temperamental wheezing) but enough that your coat will develop a light layer of wetness and your skin becomes moist. The subways are a slippery, condensated mess. The sky stays a foggy shade of clouded gray, though one can't actually make out any clouds.

Miami on the other hand has my kind of rain. The term torrential downpour is more accurate. You can smell the rain before it even hits. The sun will be shining brightly in the front yard and all of a sudden the backyard becomes a swampy marsh within minutes. And then it's over. The clouds swim over and garden the next block. The rainbow shines brightly overhead.

Soggy masses- 2 train, March 2011


  1. It rains like that in the Carolinas - just a big downpour.

  2. You describe the Florida rain storms perfectly. Porland has an all day drizzle like New York, but it rains so often that no one uses umbrellas and often not even a hat. And forget about getting any thunder. I love a good thunderstorm in Florida.

  3. This reminds me of living in Philly and getting splashed by a taxi driving by. Just like in a bad movie. Somehow, all that drizzle accumulated in the gutters and streets--hence the splashing. Hope you get some sunny skies soon. Or perhaps a trip to Florida!

  4. @Suzanne Oh that's such a disappointment about Portland! It's one of those places I have on my "places to live in the future" list but was hoping the rain situation was just a cruel joke!

  5. Ah yes, I have been subject to those sorts of splashes too many times! And I actually am going down to FL in April but desperately hoping it doesn't rain- at least during the day :)

  6. Austin does the torrential downpours, too. Indiana, on the other hand, gets both kinds. I'm with you-- the mist/drizzle thing is annoying.