Saturday, February 26, 2011

Keep on keeping on

Yesterday I whined about exorbitant conference fees. But in all honesty the speakers and presenters are phenomenal. I believe I've learned more in this conference about multiculturalism and myself (even as a racial-cultural being), than I have during the course of my studies.

I have so much to write about the experience. But I'm going to save that for tomorrow when I have more time to process the entire experience. Instead, I'm going to share another one of my all-time favorite songs.

Four Tet- As serious as your life.

If I were to have theme songs playing in the background of my life, this would be on repeat. If there was a video camera inside my brain, this is probably one of the songs that would always be in the scene. This song is me: the rhythm of my thoughts, the electric pulse of my emotions.


  1. Interesting choice of song, I think. And I'm eagerly waiting to see what you have to say about that conference.