Monday, February 14, 2011

Manic Mondays

Today was a weird day. For every positive event that happened an equally negative one would occur within a short period of time. I'd get so full of happiness and then BAM! Bad news struck... over and over again.

But one thing that happened today cannot be taken back. Despite occurrences and emotions, this one will stick. Today, I picked up this:

Master of Arts en passant, Teacher's College 2/14/11
Yes, that's right. After a completing 45 credits and a 30 page comprehensive exam I was given this rather large and expensive piece of paper. This means one down one to go. When (if) I ('m) allowed to graduate, I'll then have my Masters of Education- a whopping 60 credit (but mine is worth 62!) title. That also means I have to successfully finish the "Special Project" which is essentially a thesis due this upcoming Monday... that they just handed out today. Funny thing is this paper doesn't say anything about what the degree is about. Makes me wonder what the reasoning behind the vagueness is...

Ahhhh academia. The politics are persnickety but it feels darn good to have something to prove my efforts thus far. 

This is dedicated to my Mom, my best friends Soraya & Andrea, who are always there to listen to my cries, and Jonathan- who's ridiculous patience has been the muscle holding me together the past year and a half.


  1. Wow, that is awesome, congrats. Good luck working on your paper. Monday night is probably going to feel so amazing:)

  2. @Judy
    hank you! I really appreciate it :) I've already booked a massage for Monday night! Hah!