Saturday, February 05, 2011

No reality transforms itself

"Certain mental attitudes resemble postures of the body. Do you lean forward mentally, as if to grasp things before they happen? Do you lean back, as if to distance yourself from life’s unpleasantness? Do you lean sideways, as if forever seeking a new strategy? Keep your mental posture upright and relaxed, and you’ll find within you the power to cope with every difficulty."

I've always leaned to the side. Makes perfect sense: I tend to think the grass is always greener. I avoid endings, closure is difficult, so I tend to try other ways to work around any sort of finale. (Definitely not psychologically healthy). I almost kind of want to say that now the universe makes perfect sense after reading this.

For the past year and half my posture has been a major focal point. I know, I know my mom has forever been trying to have me stand up straight with my shoulders back. But it felt uncomfortable and unnatural! When I was "diagnosed" with epilepsy I discovered how essential the roles of breathing and proper posture really are. By becoming conscious of my mind-body connection I was able to curve the likelihood and severity of the pseudo-seizures. Start to feel anxious? Take a deep breath and let the exhale last longer than the inhale and visualize the negative feelings blowing out.

My posture still needs much improvement. After all, adjusting a 23-year habit doesn't happen instantaneously. But I have become extremely aware of how it makes me feel. For an instant stress reliever, I lower my shoulders. That alone helps reduce anxiety and helps remind me to focus on breathing. Pushing them back is a bonus.

Speaking of becoming more self-aware, I discovered this gem that sums up my perspective on time: 

"Think of time as a radiation outward from your own center. Past and future are a circle rotating around a never-changing present."

Being a visually oriented person has its advantages, even if I sound crazy most of the time. When I think about my past or even the future, the images are encapsulated in small bubbles floating around me, where ever I am at the moment. It's always nice to know that someone else out there views things in a similar manner. Plus, I have an affinity for circles and who doesn't like bubbles?

Here's to remembering to breathe!

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  1. I'm a side leaner, breath holder and shoulder huncher as well. You are right that it takes a lot of practice to undo - I have a long way to go. Yoga has definitely helped me.