Friday, January 28, 2011

"And just like that. I lost my head"

The snowball effect. I've learned about it hundreds of times. You know, you let one itsy-bitsy thing slide and before you know it you are knee-deep in a junk-food landslide.

At least my variation of it is.

Normally, I'm practically a vegetarian. A far, far departure from my childhood roots of eating steak as much as twice a day thanks to my Argentinian family. I don't even like the term vegetarian- it's too loaded. What I am is a super-conscious consumer. You know, "beyond organic-slow food movement" kind. When you personally know your farmer or at the very list make your purchases at the co-op and farmer's market.

But Jonathan is not as particular. My boy can go on junk-food frenzies that put teenagers to shame. And somehow, between his recent brown-bagged take-out orders and my slight-depression at not being able to properly walk has left me well-acquainted with said establishments. And I don't like it.

Tonight, as I was delighting in a crunchy french fry, my deep-fried sense of consciousness bubbled to a greasy awareness. I suddenly realized I was going to explode as I had to unbutton my pant. Of course I've been so sluggish the past week- when said binge began! Duh!

And so tonight it ended. And I will return to my previous sense of mindfulness. Soul meets body.


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