Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday's (are not particularly a) Funday

If Sundays' could be ousted I would be happy(ier). But then that would make Saturday the new Sunday and then my dislike of the day would just transfer over. Sundays' have always been the looooooongest, sloooooowest day of the week for me. Likewise, if Facebook could be "permanently deactivated" I would be happy(ier). The movie was decent, the confessions it brought forth were interesting. But it is quickly becoming the denouncement of communication. Screen Actors Guild Awards, you are making this Sunday worth it thanks to your old Hollywood glamour pics. Oh, and for informing me that Christian Bale is Welsh! Where have I been?!

Instead of rambling on about dislikes and boring days, I'm countering the energy with pictures that make me happy.

Here's to positive reframing!

brothers from another mother


  1. I agree about Sundays-- I mean, I go to church and enjoy it, but after church it's like, "Now what?" Sunday needs something interesting! (And football doesn't cut it for me!)

  2. Yes! It is the ultimate-lazy/boring day!