Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Women have a shoes"- SATC 6x10

"Transit epiphanies" East Village, Spring 2010
We have a right to indulge in our Self. I'm not sure if its the fact that this city is full of fabulousness. Or the sneaky, seductive advertising. But I've learned to treat myself whether to lunch alone or a delicious massage- and enjoy it.

It's been a long sleepless night full of Sex and the City and late-night epiphanies. If there is anything this show is good for it's rejoicing women with a healthy balance of independence and some old-fashion "women just want to be rescued" flair.

Strength fused vulnerability.

"And it's New York! Everybody's insane!"


  1. I've only seen the occasional episode of SATC, but I love the friendship between these women. They portray so well how much women need their friends and on so many levels! Unfortunately I'm not a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, or I'm sure I'd be addicted to the show!

  2. I agree that it is so important to indulge once in a while, to pamper ourselves. And there is no better indulgence that SATC. Oh, and gotta love NYC, right :)