Monday, January 31, 2011

Manic Mariachi

This afternoon on my difficult trek to class, something obscene happened. Now, I know I've only been a New Yorker for about two years. And I know at first I was amused when mariachis, singers, and breakdancers etc. did their ditty on the train. But after the first few months, it stopped being cute and turned obnoxious- no matter what mood I'm in.

Today I was reminded why I stopped finding subway entertainment well, entertaining. I was staring out the "window" listening to music when another fake-Mariachi trio hopped on board. See, authentic mariachi's are entertaining and a reflection of Mexican art. But these men who borrow Halloween costumes from their friends (or just throw on a cowboy hat) and play the same two songs that have the same guitar chords and wander around begging for money are far from genuine mementos of the Mexican culture.

And then. One of these little douchebags decided he had the right to stand in front of me gyrate his backside to my face. It wasn't cute, it wasn't funny but it sure was down right disrespectful. Especially with the other two nimrods smiling and making lewd facial expressions. These are the acts that I hate from anyone. Especially from individuals that further perpetuate the negative image illegal-immigrants have plastered across themselves in the US. (How do I know they were illegal? Well, let's just say my previous two-year relationship taught me a lot. Plus, they're so ignorant they think I don't speak or understand Spanish-or rather their "Chilango" because I'm White-skinned. But that's a whole other pickle)

This wasn't just disrespectful towards women. It was beyond objectification. Maybe even past social-class issues. This was a brutal combination of ignorance and power struggle.

I'm hoping venting here (and to the other 30 people I vividly explained it to) will let this release itself from my memory. These dodos are obviously not worth my stress.


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