Thursday, January 06, 2011

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Once upon a time, during those formative high-school years, I used to spend afternoons wandering around Downtown (Miami) and Bayside. Exploring delicious hole-in-the-wall food spots full of (probably my all time) favorite snack empanadas, pastellitos de guayaba, croquetas....etc. Well, one day my best friends Soraya & Claudia joined me for this journey. After wandering around the pseudo-beach set at Bayside, some shopping, and indulging in above delicacies we headed back on the Metro to catch the ever slow and never on time Kat bus home.

By the time we got to the Dadeland North station we were all exhausted in that obnoxious hyper way. Coming down the ridiculously long escalator I spotted our bus at the curb almost ready to pull out. Not wanting to wait 30 minutes for the next one, I decided to make a run for it so I could tell the driver to hold on for my friends to jump in.

Or at least that was the plan. I made it to those rude, squeaky accordion doors trying to step inside and the next thing I know I felt my neck smooshed in between said doors. The driver hadn't seen me and closed them! I panicked realizing that my lollipop head was inside the bus while the rest of my body was outside the doors, thinking he was going to start driving off and leave me beheaded. I must have made some kind of loud, squawking sound because he looked over me, yelled some pretty harsh words, and opened the doors.

Of course, Soraya & Claudia had fell to the floor laughing hysterically. Who wouldn't? I had sacrificed my glorious, gigantic head to avoid waiting around forever for them (or maybe my own bratty wants).

Sadly (or rather comically), this would be far from the last time I had some ridiculous episode happen to me on Miami's public transportation system.


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