Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter lovin' had me a blast

Teacher's College, September 2009
Ooooooooooh the first day of class is always difficult for me. Especially the incredible efforts I endure to physically make it there. I love learning but most of the time class is a drag. Especially when it's practically repeating textbooks and previous lectures verbatim.

And now it seems senoritis has me barely rolling on the ball. Especially because now, mere weeks away, I'm debating changing my professional track from mental health counselor to school counselor. (Job stability & security? Loan payoff? Government benefits? Summer vacation off?!?) Tomorrow I meet with my advisor to have the tense discussion. (You're just deciding this now?!? Why didn't you think of this before? You'll have to stay an extra year to do in-school fieldwork etcetcetc)

I am literally, no figuratively, no literally (Date Night reference) so sleepy all I want to type is, "siiiiiiiiiiigh." Whine whine whine. Today is the only day I'm letting myself complain about this. Let's see how long I can keep it up! (When I say today, I'm including tomorrow seeing how that is meeting-day. Preemptive whining is allowed for foreshadowed meeting!)



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